Donkey Car


DonkeyCar是一個開源的自駕車專案,使用Raspberry Pi或是Jetson Nano作為主要運算與控制核心,整個專案使用Camera

尺寸(長x寬x高): 25x21x22 cm


安裝在Raspberry Pi或是Jetson Nano上的Servo Driver HAT,省去安裝與杜邦線脫落的困擾。




Donkeycar has components to install on a host PC. This can be a laptop, or desktop machine. The machine doesn’t have to be powerful, but it will benefit from faster cpu, more ram, and an NVidia GPU. An SSD hard drive will greatly impact your training times.

Donkeycar software components need to be installed on the robot platform of your choice. Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano have setup docs. But it has been known to work on Jetson TX2, Friendly Arm SBC, or almost any Debian based SBC ( single board computer ).

After install, you will create the Donkeycar application from a template. This contains code that is designed for you to customize for your particular case. Don’t worry, we will get you started with some useful defaults.

Next we will train the Donkeycar to drive on it’s own based on your driving style! This uses a supervised learning technique often referred to as behavioral cloning.


  • NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer kit 第二代開發套件(新版)x 1
  • Donkey Car (Jetson Nano版) x1
  • 2.4G無線遊戲手柄 1
  • 可堆疊系統工具箱 x1